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Irvine Sees The World : Collecting Glasses, Sorting + Cleaning (9A-11:30A)

In Person

12 Volunteer(s) Needed
3 / 15 Registered
2.5 Hour(s)    |    Irvine First Chinese Baptist Church 3785 University Drive, Irvine, California, 92613



Joanne Jiang


Irvine See's The World gives glasses to those in need. This is an easy and wonderful way to participate on this Love Irvine's Serve Day! 

Volunteers will:

  • Clean and sort donated glasses to be sent to the needy
  • Write encouraging notes

We are also COLLECTING glasses; glasses, sunglasses, children's glasses & cases! You can donate your used glasses to us and we will make sure someone who needs them, gets them. 

Project Location
Volunteers Lunch    12/16/20228:00 AM