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Support Survivors Of Human Trafficking: Count Inventory, Assemble Shelving + More (8:30A-11:30A)

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3 Hour(s)    |    17935 Sky Park Circle, Suite F, Irvine, California, 92614



Deanne Weissman


International Sanctuary is a non-profit that employs survivors of human trafficking around the world. The women hand make jewelry and ship it to us, where we sell all over the world in turn, giving them an income.  We are celebrating our 15 year anniversary this year!

We need help with inventory counts. It's easy-you will be counting jewelry! We also need some strong hands to help assemble shelving! 

Our programs in Mumbai, Cebu, Kampala, and Tijuana support women and girls escaping human trafficking and help them find economic freedom. We have seen the power of our programs transform lives. Survivors of human trafficking who were once exploited learn to receive love, heal through relationships, and grow in confidence.

Project Location
Volunteers Lunch    12/16/20228:00 AM