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Clothing The Homeless: Drop Off Adult Clothing, Unload Donations From Cars + Sort (8A-11:30A)

In Person

3 Volunteer(s) Needed
12 / 15 Registered
3 Hour(s)    |    Journey Christian Church 4849 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, California, 92604



mitchell raff


Help us clothe the homeless! Both volunteers and donations are needed. 

Everyone is encouraged to drop off adult clothing which will go to the homeless. No children's clothing please as we only serve adults.

Volunteers are needed for when people simply drive up with donations and volunteers pull donations from the vehicle without the need for the driver to exit their vehicle. Volunteers will then sort donations at the sorting stations.

We are a mobile service for the homeless and people living below the poverty line. We are highly organized with our routine in how we conduct our clothing distributions. We offer clothing and accessories to adults only. We have a slide show on our website that can be viewed to get a better understanding of how we run our distributions. Our website address is www.clothingthehomeless.org

Project Location
Volunteers Lunch    12/16/20228:00 AM