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Ebell Club Of Irvine: Recycle Cans & Bottles To Fund Upcoming Life-Changing Projects Within Our Community (8A-12P)

In Person

2 Volunteer(s) Needed
4 / 6 Registered
4 Hour(s)    |    5701 Trabuco Road, Irvine, California, 92620



Jan Rodgers


The Ebell Club of Irvine will be collecting cans and bottles that we recycle and use the funds for our upcoming life-changing projects.

Volunteers will remove the donated cans and bottles from cars and at the end of the four hours we take them to be recycled. Again, these funds will go towards making a difference in our community for those who need it most! 

If you would like to donate cans and bottles, please do! 

The Ebell Club is an international womens organization that provides volunteers opportunities within the community; health, education, city projects etc. We are proactive in the community helping make a difference for our cities most vulnerable. We stay connected. We develop relationships. We donate to food banks, make quilts for domestic violence survivors, donate items for those in need in our education system, provide Christmas gifts for children, just to name a few! We have been serving the community since 1974. 

Project Location
Volunteers Lunch    12/16/20228:00 AM