Tina Anderson, Irvine 2/11 Marine Adoption Committee

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


The What’s Up Irvine Podcast is about inspiring and connecting the Irvine community through impactful conversations with nonprofit, civic, faith-based, and other community leaders who are making a difference or doing something exciting--getting to know them in a personal way through their stories and life experiences. We cover a wide range of topics that make Irvine a great city--its people, culture, influence, and opportunities. We also will touch upon current events and ways to get more involved in our city. We hope that you will learn something new and exciting about our city by following WUI and feel more connected with our community.

This podcast is an extension of the nonprofit organization Love Irvine, and hosted by its President, Curtis Drever. For podcast updates and episode release notifications, please visit @loveIrvine.

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"What's Up Irvine" is a podcast that aims to inspire and connect the vibrant community of Irvine. The podcast features impactful conversations with nonprofit leaders, civic influencers, faith-based organizations, and community champions who are making a positive difference in Irvine. Each episode explores various topics, including the city's culture, diversity, and the individuals shaping its future. The podcast also discusses current events and encourages community involvement. The goal is to foster a deeper connection and understanding of Irvine's thriving community while providing inspiration, information, and engagement for residents and newcomers alike.

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Love Irvine is an organization that partners with various community groups, including nonprofits, faith communities, schools, and government agencies in Irvine, to identify and address the city's greatest social needs. They bring together different sectors of the community to collaborate and find solutions that will help fulfill these needs. Love Irvine also promotes volunteer opportunities where anyone in the city can make a positive impact. The organization aims to create a collaborative city ecosystem where everyone works together to seek the well-being and prosperity of Irvine and its residents. Love Irvine is a citywide movement for everyone.

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Scott Henderson, CEO of Doing Good Works
Mark Shaffer, AGM of KWAVE Radio Station
Christina Cheon, Southern CA Marimba Assoc.
Claudia Bonilla Keller, CEO, Second Harvest Food Bank
Chris Ramsey, CEO of USA Water Polo Assoc.
Anthony Kuo, ex-Vice Mayor, Irvine
Mayor Farrah Khan, City of Irvine

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